They Thought They Were Going For The Slingshot Of A Lifetime, But One Of Them Won't Remember Much

Gets us every time.

There's something very special about people taking slingshots, because their reactions never fail to crack us up.

However, this video of two Irish girls being "slingshot" this July in Magaluf, Spain, is the crème de la crème of... welll... slingshots.

It was originally uploaded to Facebook by Clodag Fegan herself, one of the two stars of the video, with a simple caption: "so the sling shot was a success." Let us assure you, this is no lie.


"I don't wanna do this," Fionnuala Doyle, the girl on the right, screams.

"Fionnuala, it's too late," her friend is clearly freaking out. "It's too late."

"Why is there smoke?!" Fionnualla shouts, not helping the situation at all.

Boom! The two besties are flying like a rocket, but the best is yet to come...

Well, perhaps not the "best," as Clodag passes out.

Wakes up seconds later.

"Fionnuala, I just passed out," she screams.

But her friend doesn't seem to care. So she laughs and laughs and laughs.

Then... just wait for it... Clogan passes out a second time. 

Not to spoil it, but their reactions are pretty hysterical. 

Watch the entire event below.

NOTE: No Irish girls were harmed during this video. 

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