15 Photos That Perfectly Show Ireland Made The Right Choice

Good job, Ireland!

This weekend Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage through a popular referendum. This is a huge deal for a country where being gay was illegal until the 1990s, and people all over Ireland were sure to celebrate this victory for marriage equality.

Here are some of the best shots showing the joy that's sweeping through Ireland.


Tiny princesses gathered at Dublin Castle to await results.

People were excited about the results, to say the least.

In fact, many got "a bit emosh." (Life's too short for pointless syllables/discrimination!)

The joy was pretty in-your-face.

Haters showed up, to whom people said no.

Yep, every generation showed up.

All generations were feeling the love.

And there was gratitude to the people who fought for LGBTQ+ rights when it wasn't so popular.

Dogs approved.

Cats gave their blessings.

They brought out their special hats.

Equally round heads in honor of marriage equality.

The babies knew what was up.

And some celebrated with plenty of Guinness.

Congratulations Ireland!


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