War-Weary Iraqis Visit Ski Resort For A Much-Needed Respite ... And Their First Glimpse Of Snow

There's a winter wonderland just south of the Turkish border.


In 2013, Iraq's Korek mountain ski resort opened to considerable excitement from local (and not-so-local) residents. Tourists traveled to the resort from the furthest reaches of the country to try out the winter sport, bolstering the local economy.

As reported by AOL News, business at the resort dropped off towards the end of 2014, as ISIS expanded its territory, but is now on an upward climb as the militant group retreats.

For many Iraqis, a day on the slopes offers a much-needed chance to step back, relax, and take in Korek mountain's natural beauty. Some, particularly those from the warmer regions of central and southern Iraq, have never seen snow before. 

See their glee as they explore the winter wonderland in the video above. 

Cover image via Shutterstock / Radiokafka.


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