These Guys Hold iPhones Between Their Fingertips In The Most Cringe-Worthy Locations Ever

Please hug your iPhones after this.

If you're a normal human being, you'll probably do everything you can to keep your $650 iPhone from breaking, dropping or getting scratched. You'll cover it with a case and maybe even a screen protector. You'll keep it out of harm's way as best as you can. 

These guys had a much different idea. They decided to put their unprotected iPhones in the most cringe-worthy places. Yeah. They call this practice "iPhone pitching." 

Check out some of the places they "pitched" and the entire video below:


1. Sidewalk grate

2. Elevator shaft

3. A gajillion stories high

4. In the chest press machine

5. Over a bridge

6. Over a hotel balcony

Check out the entire cringe-worthy video here:

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