Cops Escort Elsa Home In Hopes Of Making Iowa Less 'Frozen'

And go majorly viral in the process.

Weather feeling too Frozen for your liking even though it's mid-April? Never fear. Yesterday, two Iowa police officers escorted Disney's Queen Elsa back to Arendelle in the hopes that the wintry weather will finally let it go.


Photos of Sgt. Alyssa Wilson and Officer Tyler Palmer staging a mock police escort to help the Disney character get home safely went viral on the Altoona Police Department Facebook page on April 15.  Wilson told A Plus that she came up with the idea for the post after seeing a series of memes decrying the unusually cold April weather.

"Having children, I know Frozen word-for-word," Wilson said, noting that she had banned the film from her house until she sees green grass and flowers. A toddler, she added, loaned her the Elsa doll seen in the photos, which have received over 6,000 shares so far.

Courtesy Altoona Police Department

Wilson told A Plus that the Des Moines suburb's police force considers social media to be a powerful tool, once capable of demonstrating that "not all police interactions are negative" and proving that "our passion is people." 

The department has been busy this winter, she said — and not just with helping visiting, magical monarchs.

"Our patrol officers respond to many calls of motorists who have been involved in accidents ... giving rides to people walking in the inclement weather," Wilson said. "Since it seems many people are cooped up inside with their family, probably watching Frozen, social media is a great way to interact with our community."

Courtesy Altoona Police Department

The entire department has been blown away by the reaction to the viral post.

"Within minutes, this post spread like Elsa's ice crystals creating a fortress of solitude. Officer Palmer and I looked at each other, and thought, 'Are you kidding me? Of all the posts to go viral. Let's have fun with this one!'" she told A Plus.

As the storm from the viral post settles, the Iowa police officers are planning more fun posts that they hope will connect with their community.

"Our social media and our daily personal interaction with the community allows for a transparency and for people to get to know their police," Wilson said.


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