Women Across India Could Be Saved By This Special Bindi

A creative approach to getting minerals.

Most people never have to worry about iodine deficiency, but for people living in parts of the world where their diets are limited, lacking it can cause serious health problems. Iodine deficiency is linked to breast cancer and birth defects, so while it's something that doesn't often effect people in developed areas, it's a cause of many preventable diseases elsewhere.

An organization called Grey for Good partnered with NGO The Neelvasant Medical Foundation and Research Center to come up with a pretty neat solution to iodine-deficient diets. They have created an iodine-soaked bindi called the Life Saving Dot, which allows women to absorb their daily dose of iodine through their skin. Bindis are the decorative forehead dots that are one of the most well-known pieces of South Asian dress, and for many wearers, they hold religious meaning. Users wear a different bindi every day and packs are being distributed in rural towns around India.

The innovation is pretty simple, but it could save thousands of lives. The video below shows just how easily this little dot on a bindi works. 



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