One Inventor Is Helping Kids Bring Their Wildest Dreams To Life

"Kid's have such free spirited minds, unrestricted by thoughts of practicality or impossibility."

An inventor by the name of Dominic Wilcox is helping kids bring their biggest ideas to life.


Wilcox first began his foray into invention when he was attending the University of Sunderland.

He explained to A Plus in email that a tutor of his, Charlie Holmes, took him to galleries and showed him books with "thought provoking inventions." He then asked Wilcox if he himself would like to draw some designs and build some of his own ideas.

Now Wilcox is doing the same for a new generation of inventors and great minds.

This is the family scooter, designed by Wendy Ridley, age 9.

Wilcox thought, "instead of just putting the ideas on a fridge door, why not really present them in the best possible way and make them real."

That led him to starting a project called INVENTORS!

At INVENTORS!, which was commissioned by an English group called Cultural Spring, Wilcox gave 19 workshops and asked over 450 kids to draw their own invention ideas.

From there, he showed the ideas to local makers and manufacturers, who then selected the ones they would create. The kids even took part in the experience, visiting the factories to watch their ideas come to life.

Wilcox said this experience, "really gave them a sense that their ideas are important and can lead to great things."

Some of them have even said they one day want to become inventors when they grow up.

They are also discussing how some of these ideas "may be pushed further into production, but it's too early to say."

If they do, we definitely want to get our hands on this "Pringles Hook," designed by 11-year-old Georgia Dinsley.

After we consume the entire can of Pringles, we'll probably need this automatic jump rope, designed by 6-year-old Chloe.

As well as this automatic toothbrush, designed by 12-year-old Henry Hughes, which dispenses toothpaste right onto the brush!


See more designs at and find out more about Dominic Wilcox at


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