How Introverts Can Find Happiness And Success, According To Science

Lifestyle choices for introverts everywhere.

Bill Gates, Rosa Parks, and Gandhi are just a few of the introverts who went on to change the world, as shown on Happify, a science-based website and app with activities to help users lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

So what can other introverts, or people who channel their energy on their inner worlds, do in order to ensure their own happiness and success today?

Last week, we showed you all the science-based facts and tips to help extroverts make the most out of their lives. This week, we've got another Happify infographic filled with information tailored towards introverts — including ways in which the brain works and how introverts can become leaders in the workplace. 

For instance, did you know that biochemistry, graphic design, and computer programming are among some of the ideal career paths for introverts? Or that acting out (once and awhile) can make an introvert happier? 

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Cover photo by Central Press/Getty Images


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