Find Out Once And For All If You're An Introvert Or Extrovert

This quiz will tell you.

It's Friday night. Where are you?


You're at a coworker's party. What are you doing?

How do you feel when none of your friends can hang out?

How do you feel about small-talk?

How would a friend describe you?

You get on the bus. Where do you sit?

On a scale of mute to Chatty Cathy, do you talk a lot?

When it comes to your hobbies and interests...

Group activities make you...

Your life motto:


Your Result: You're an Extrovert!

You gain energy from being around others and feel most whole with a crowd. You always love an extra to explore or have a date with a friend. You'd never get off the phone as a teen and you always need to be doing something.

Your Result: You're an introvert!

You gain energy from being on your own and need downtime after socializing. Spending Sunday afternoons with a book and hot tea or coffee sounds like a dream and texting is your best friend.


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