11 Flirty Notes Perfect For Introverts — Or Anyone Who Just Wants To Stay In

"Netflix and Netflix, and maybe one of us will attempt some light cuddling."

Introverts may enjoy spending time alone, but that doesn't mean they don't want to date or be in relationships. Because they're more likely to be reserved, and less likely to make impulsive decisions than extroverts, finding a fellow introvert to fall in love with comes with a unique set of challenges. 

But if it happens, they'll have Josh Higgins for perfect pickup lines. The artist has created an illustration series he calls Introflirted in which he shares sweet, flirty notes that introverts, or just people who would rather stay home, can appreciate. 

"Inspired by all the real-life awkward situations I find myself in, I decided to letter and illustrate different flirty thoughts and moments from my introverted mind," Higgins wrote on Instagram. "I'll be posting a new flirty introvert saying every Friday!" 

Below you can find a few of the illustrations in the series so far, as well as Higgins' captions from his website


1. "When you and that special someone are so in sync you can read each other’s minds … and it says we need to get away from this group. Hopefully you’ve both made a game plan to get each other out of there ahead of time."

2. "When you need to show that special someone you’re interested … by liking two or three Instagram posts in a row … but play it cool and and skip liking one every now and then, you don’t want to seem too eager!"

3. "When one special person seems far more interesting than anyone else at a stupid party. Instead of hanging out on the edges of the conversation circle make your own circle of two and not let anyone else in … conversation is optional in this new circle."

4. "Pet play dates usually make for good pet parent real dates, so lets take ours out to the park together sometime. Also lets face it, if our pets can’t get along, it probably won’t work out anyway."

5. "Talk is cheap, so lets talk sparingly between bites of food … and talk pretty much about the food we’re eating."

6. "While cancelling plans with friends isn’t the nicest thing to do, sometimes you just need some time away from people … well … away from everyone except that special person who you can have a indoors vacation with."

7. "You know can tell things are really getting serious when you and that special someone can make eye contact for over three seconds. Whats your introverted definition of third base?"

8. "When you’re watching Netflix together and really want to make a move, but you need the entire first season of 'Stranger Things' to work up the nerve … or maybe you just move on to 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.' "

9. "Putting words to thoughts is hard, especially out loud … maybe lets just text each other laying next to each other."

10. "Supporting each other is key to any relationship, and what better way than being the fall person for why you both can’t make it out to that party. Hopefully you’ll recover from that fake stomach illness before the next party."

11. "Having goals and plans is always attractive. You also don’t want to come on too strong or too eager … maybe three years is too long of a plan though."

(H/T: DesignTaxi


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