Guy Records Questions To His Future Self. Now, At The Age Of 56, He Finally Finishes The Convo

Such a cool idea.

If someone told you that you could have a conversation with your future self, you'd probably laugh. But one 18-year-old kid found a way to do just that.

Stoney Emshwiller interviewed his future self in 1977 when he was just a teenager, asking himself a whole range of questions about relationships, sex, career, etc.

"Using state of the art — for its time — equipment, I recorded one side of a time-travel talk show," Emshwiller explains on his fundraiser page. "I sat in a well-lit chair in a completely black studio and, like some teenaged Johnny Carson, chatted with an invisible older me."

Subsequently, he recorded tons of possible reactions to all the questions, "ranging from polite nods to joy, sadness, annoyance, surprise, and outright horror." Now, at the age of 56, Emshwiller finally decided to face that teen and finish the conversation he started with himself 38 years ago.


"I... I didn't expect to look like you look."

"I'm old, I'm fat and, in your mind, I'm a failure. Why do you think I have been avoiding talking to you for 38 years?"

"Are you exceedingly rich?"

Umm... sorry.

"Why don't you tell me something I would never have guessed?"

"I like to snowboard."

Wait... what?!

Life can be full of surprises, right?

Watch their entire conversation below.

You can support the project here.


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