Couples Are Celebrating These New Emojis That Cutely Reflect Their Relationships

Inclusion matters.

Can't get enough emojis on your smartphone? We have the same problem. But over the years, something's been missing from our iPhone and Android's selection when it comes to cute couples.

Don't get us wrong, there were plenty of options when it came to hand-holding, kissing, and couples whose hearts were all aflutter, but most of those pairings were a little monochromatic.

That's changed with the release of the Love-Moji app, which features interracial heterosexual and same-sex duos that couples in mixed-race relationships can use to flirt via phone, or even on Facebook, in email, and beyond.

The app coincides with the forthcoming release of the film Loving, which follows the real-life story of Richard and Mildred Loving — an interracial couple whose case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and led to the striking down of all laws banning such relationships in 1967. The film will be in select theaters on November 4. 

Nearly 50 years after the court victory, the anniversary of the landmark decision is celebrated annually during Loving Day events throughout June, so this case had an impact on lots of people — interracial marriages and couples increased in the U.S. by 28 percent between the 2000 and 2010 Census.

Also, with the movie teaming up with Twitter, it should come as no surprise that using a hashtag (there are three to pick from: #VoteLoving, #ThisisLoving and #LovingMovie) will unlock an emoji (specifically a couple, representing the aforementioned Mildred and Richard Loving), so be sure to give it a shot. And each day leading up to the film's release, this website is profiling a different interracial couple, so check it out to meet some cute couples as inclusivity in emojis continues to grow.

You can download the Love-Moji app for for iOS and Google Play or visit your app store. You can also see all of the emojis here or check out some of our favorites below:



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