Tinder Aims To Better #RepresentLove With Their Campaign For Interracial Couple Emojis

It's about time.

Over the past few years, emojis have become more diverse and inclusive, offering users a wider range of skin colors, hair colors, and dating/family options. Despite how much progress has already been made, interracial couples still lack emoji options that accurately represent their relationships. 


That will hopefully change soon, if dating app Tinder has anything to say about it. In February, the company created a Change.org petition with the mission to better #RepresentLove in emojis, what it considers "the universal language of the digital age." Over the past six months, more than 50,000 people have signed the petition — and their advocacy already seems to be working. 


Just last week, the Unicode Consortium unanimously passed Tinder's proposal for interracial emojis during its July meeting. The next step toward making interracial couple emojis a reality will be a vote for final approval in January 2019. 

While petitioning for new emojis may not seem like a necessary cause, representation — in any form — is important, especially as interracial relationships are on the rise.


A recent study even suggested that Tinder, and the overall increased popularity of dating apps, may be responsible for an increase in interracial marriages. The dating app also commissioned its own Global Tinder Survey on Interracial Relationships and found that 77 percent of Tinder users said they were more open-minded about who they date (12 percent more than non-users). Tinder-using respondents were also nearly 20 percent more likely to have dated outside their race than non-Tinder users.

Those interested in supporting the cause can sign the Change.org petition and interracial couples can even enter to win an emojified version of themselves by posting a picture of themselves in the signature emoji stance on Twitter and tagging @tinder with #RepresentLove. 

Cover image via Dean Drobot on Shutterstock


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