A Mother Couldn't Afford A Gift For Her Son. Then, The Internet Stepped In.

Once again, faith in humanity has been restored.

The Internet can sometimes feel like it's full of creeps and trolls who say nasty things. But if you look hard enough, there are some good people out there. 

Just ask Reddit user iamjustjenna

This past Christmas, she really wanted to get her teenage son Drew a PlayStation Vita, but couldn't afford the gaming system. She wrote about it in response to an image shared on Reddit and a man named Jared stepped in.

Check out Drew's reaction to the surprise in the video below.


"Wait. You're serious right now?"

It all began when iamjustjenna responded to an image about Christmas being the "most fake, longest, most expensive holiday ever." 

She never once asked for a PlayStation Vita, she merely mentioned how her son would have loved to receive one on Christmas. But he was OK with receiving what he was given.

After reading her comment, many people reached out to her and wanted to help give her son something special. But one person in particular stuck out and iamjustjenna says the two connected on Facebook.

Before she knew it, Jared had sent her son the PlayStation along with a few games and accessories. Drew was elated.

"You're punking me."

Iamjustjenna wrote that she's already trying to think of a username for Reddit and that "he's on cloud nine right now and it's all thanks to the kind people here."

(H/T: Reddit)


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