No One Was Coming To His Birthday, Until The Internet Stepped In

Happy Birthday, Odin!

We tend to rely on the people we know for love and support, but for one teen it was countless strangers that showed him the kindness he needed. 

13-year-old Odin Camus of Ontario, Canada sent out an invite on Facebook to attend his "birthday hang-out." Of all of the kids he invited, none responded. Odin has Aspergers syndrome and has a difficult time making friends. Mashable reports that he has often been the victim of bullying. 

The amazing #OdinBirthday movement began with his mother's powerful desire to make her son's birthday something he would remember.

Melissa Camus posted in a Facebook group for local moms asking for their help. She planned a birthday bash for the two of them, including plenty of balloons and his favorite meal for dinner, but asked if the moms in the group would send him a happy birthday text so that he wouldn't feel alone. 


What happened next blew every other birthday party out of the water.

Odin's story went viral. Over 5,000 people replied to the event for Odin's birthday on Facebook, and someone created #OdinBirthday so that even those far from Peterborough, Ontario could wish Odin the happiest of birthdays.

Odin's local news station PTBO Canada reported live from the party, an event that was far from the two-person day that his mom feared it would be. A 13-year-old girl even baked a cake and dropped it off at the restaurant where Odin and his mother would be eating dinner.

Days after the bash, the well wishes are still pouring in from all over the Internet. Strangers are wishing Odin a happy birthday and assuring him that the bullies don't matter. 

The Internet, one again, proved that amid the cruelty of the world it can band together and use its powers for good. This time, the good came in the form of making one boy feel special on his birthday. 


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