He's Driving Across The US, But He Has No Clue Where He's Going

This should be interesting.

Daniel decided he wanted to drive across the United States. Fine.

But he has no clue what route he's going to take. To reiterate: his plan is to have no plan. So, naturally, he's leaving his trip entirely up to the Internet, because "at the very least, I'll have a crazy story to tell my grandkids," he explains in a video.



Along the way, he'll stop in the cities we, the people of the Internet, suggest. Moreover, he'll complete "missions" based off these online submissions.

"We'll try our best to complete your mission if we're nearby — even if it's something small like weeding a garden," Daniel says on his site, Internet Adventure Club.

Daniel, along with his cameraman, receive submissions through the website's entry form, which then generates into a "mission list.

Every mission ends up on the site's interactive map, so we can see exactly where the guys may travel, and what people are challenging him to do.

The missions range from charity work to spontaneous adventures to grabbing a beer with a new friend.

And it's actually a brilliant idea.

Hang out with Daniel by submitting a mission here, and be sure to watch the full video below for more about his plan.

Plus, keep up with all of the Internet Adventure Club's vlogs here.

(H/T: Reddit)


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