She's Jewish. He's Catholic. Here's Why Their Faith Won't Keep Them Apart.

“I remember being so terrified that, what if they’re correct? What if I’m fighting and it’s not going to work?”

Allie and Mat have been dating for two years and one of their biggest challenges comes from their families. Allie practices Judaism while Mat is a Catholic, and while their interfaith relationship doesn't bother them, the fact that their parents aren't OK with it, does.  

In a video for the documentary series The Skin Deep, the couple sits face-to-face to interview each other about their relationship. Allie asks Mat what he hates about their relationship and he reveals it's their "family problems."

"That's been obviously the biggest issue we've had and I've always had to deal with since we first saw each other. It's been a battle fighting against Old World prejudice. My dad was just like, 'Oh, her family's not going to like you just because you're Catholic and she's Jewish," Mat said. "But I don't really date you for your family." 

Allie admits there have been times where her parents have made her doubt their relationship. "I remember being so terrified that, what if they're correct? What if I'm fighting and it's not going to work?" Allie admits.

Mat revealed that he felt the same way and worried that one day Allie's family would convince her that they had been right all along. "I was afraid of that [too]," Allie says. 

Allie went on to explain how grateful she is for their ability to be open and honest with one another, and feels confident that they'll raise their children with respect to both religions and families. While their family differences can be hard on both of them, it seems that dealing with those challenges has helped to bring them closer together. 

"It doesn't matter with all the battles," Allie says. "You're my best friend."

You can watch the whole video below. 


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