This Guy Has Mastered The Art Of Halloween Costumes

Single best use of technology.

There are times when technology creeps the hell out of us. But in this case, we want more. 

Mark Rober, formerly a mechanical engineer at NASA, has been making a living by designing and selling wearable tech Halloween costumes.

It all started back in 2011, when Mark stunned everyone with his interactive costume. Using two iPads and FaceTime chat, he created the illusion of a huge see-through hole in his stomach. Since then, Mark started his own company called Digital Dudz and has been stunning the world with more of his scary inventions.


Mark and his team has created a free smartphone app that can be also used with home-made costumes.

The selection of animated images ranges from spooky eyes to pulsing brain, to a mouth full of maggots.

Apart from t-shirts and masks, Mark has gone to great lengths in scaring the sh*t out of us.

See more creepy inventions that Mark has come up with:

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