Instagram's #RunwayForAll Campaign Shows Diversity In Modeling Is Beautiful

"Role model is the new top model."

The modeling industry may not be known for being the most diverse field, but that is changing. We have seen more models who redefine the conventional standard of beauty being represented. Now, Instagram is bringing some of these models' stories to its massive audience with the #RunwayForAll campaign.

Every day this week, Instagram is highlighting a different model who is helping to change the literal face of the industry.

Mama Cax was the first to be profiled. The Haitian-born beauty never actually had any dreams of modeling because she did not see many women with dark skin on magazine covers. She explained to Instagram that the idea of modeling seemed even less possible after she got her leg amputated eight years ago. 

Now, she is showing anything is possible as she models while sharing travel tips as a black female amputee. "#RunwayForAll means any teenager feels represented when they open a magazine or watch a fashion show," she commented on her Instagram post.


Shaun Ross, a high profile male model, commented on how the industry has changed since he started modeling 10 years ago. Back then, he was one of the few openly gay models, and the only model of color with albinism. 

"Agents always told male models to be masculine, but that was never the case for me," he said"

"...I never wanted to hide my sexuality. I’d rather be myself."

French model Clementine Desseaux recalled feeling out of place because of her freckles and having a different body shape than other girls growing up. She moved to New York after she saw plus size models making a name for themselves and has never looked back. On her past insecurities, Clementine said, "I hope I was the last generation of women to think like that." 

"Role model is the new top model."

It's not only about what these models look like. What they represent is just as important and Instagram's campaign highlights this perfectly. #Inspiration. 


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