Instagram Artist Gives Famous People Insane Tattoos

What an imagination.

Ever wonder what Abraham Lincoln would look like with a neck tattoo?

Probably not, but Cheyenne Randall leaves little to the imagination. The talented Instagram artist edits classic photos of just about every famous person you know and then superimposes some badass tattoos onto them.

"What inspired me to start my on going Shoppedtattoos project was a mix
of divine intervention, vicodin, and plain curiosity," Randall told A+. 

He explained that it was after an accident where he broke his knee, being bedridden for more than a month, that he had the free time to teach himself photoshop and explore his creativity by stamping tattoos onto famous people. 

Using the Instagram name indiangiver, you can spot Randall's style pretty quickly on the social media platform. Check out some of the best below. 


1. Zach Galifianakis

2. Elvis Presley

3. Kate Moss

4. Bob Marley

5. Carrot Top

6. Patrick Swayze

7. Abraham Lincoln

8. Albert Einstein

9. Muhammad Ali

10. James Dean

11. Arnold Schwarzenegger

12. Matthew McConaughey

13. Cher

14. Keith Richards

15. Jack Nicholson

16. David Hasselhoff


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