'Instagram Husband' Hilariously Sums Up What It's Like To Be Married To Someone Who's Obsessed With Instagram

"Behind every cute girl on Instagram, is a guy like me... and a brick wall."

"My name's Jeff, and I'm an Instagram husband," begins a hilarious video posted by The Mystery Hour. The video goes on to show the confessions of the sad, sad husbands who have basically become "human selfie sticks" for their wives who just can't stop posting pics of themselves, their food, their feet, and all their belongings on Instagram. 

"Behind every cute girl on Instagram, is a guy like me... and a brick wall," says one husband.  

While this video is parody, there's definitely some truth to it. Because behind all those pictures of people looking perfect, doing everyday activities, there's a person having to take a cajillion shots to get just the right one. 

So, ask yourself: Are you an Instagram husband? 


The video ends with a message to "Instagram husbands" to get help at InstagramHusband.com. 

As the video description states, "There are many Instagram Husbands out there, and we want you to know that you are not alone." 

Thank goodness. 


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