Here's How Instagram Artists Celebrated The New Logo

Which one is your favorite?

Instagram launched its new logo yesterday and people had mixed emotions about it, to say the least. Whether you love it or hate it, it's here to stay. So, several artists took to Instagram to participate in its #MyInstagramLogo campaign. They used the unveiling of the new logo as an opportunity to recreate the new design using their own mediums. 

"We're inspired by how these community members are making Instagram's new look come to life," Instagram team members wrote on its blog. "Follow along on the #myinstagramlogo hashtag page. Add your own ideas. We can't wait to see what else you create with the logo — and with your lives — on Instagram."

Check out how some Instagram artists interpreted the new logo below:


1. By Sarah Palmer, @heysp

2. By Paulo del Valle, @paulodelvalle

3. By Nicola Espósito, @esposin

4. By Andrea Reed, @girlgreybeauty

5. By Philippa Stanton, @5ftinf

6. By Doree Speidel, @doreespeidel

7. By Iry Randrasana, @iryrandrasana

8. By Leticia Ramos, @letizilla

9. By José Lourenço, @joselourenco

10. By Shannon Robinson, @slrphotos

11. By Roberta Principe, @beta_p

12. By Rachel Ryle, @rachelryle

13. By Tasha Alakoz, @tashalakoz


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