Artist Carves Designs Into Foods And They're Too Beautiful To Eat

Broccoli never looked so pretty.

For Japanese artist Gaku, food isn't just food — it's art. 

The artist, who uploads his work to their popular Instagram account (12,500 followers to date), practices mukimono, a Japanese art "which literally means 'stripped product,' " Bored Panda reports. "It became a popular form of food presentation during the 16th century in Japan, and spread to Thailand shortly after." 

That said, Gaku takes various foods, such as apples and bananas and broccoli, and strips them down, carving the most beautiful and intricate designs into their cores and surfaces.  

In one work, Gaku transforms a banana into a dragon, cutting both the peel and the fruit itself and turning it into something too impressive to eat. 

Check out some of our favorites from Gaku below and find them all on their Instagram account here.  



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