This Is What Your Adult Life Looks Like In 13 Painfully Accurate Graphs

Your whole life on the X and Y axes.

Adult life is complicated, we get it. You have to do laundry, cook dinner, save up money to buy a house or just pay the rent in your closet-sized Chinatown apartment.

So why burden it even more with tricky explanations? After all, simplicity is key and we hope these 13 graphs will help you to unlock the secrets of life.

Created by Chaz Hutton, they perfectly capture the meaning of human existence and represent it in a simplistic, Life for Dummies kind of way. So check it out below and share your own if you have some:


1. The way you 'do' work.

2. The way you feel about weekends.

3. ... And food.

4. The way you budget.

5. And the way you manage your spendings.

6. The way life f*cks you over.

7. The perceived hardships in life.

8. The way your relationships with people progress.

9. Wait, this is more accurate.

10. The ways you delude yourself.

11. The things that still excite you.

12. The proof you mastered adulthood. #SoCultured.

13. The way your life's just a vicious cycle.


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