Nicole Kidman, Gabby Sidibe, Drew Barrymore, And More Share Their Best Advice To Future Generations Of Women

"Trust your gut and your light. Don't dim your light for anybody."

We could all use as much advice as we can get as we climb the ladder to success — and who better to look to than women who have made it to the top before us? In a video for BuzzFeed, inspiring women such as Nicole Kidman, Gabourey Sidibe, Drew Barrymore, Katie Couric, and more gave their best advice for the next generation of successful women. Their empowering words of wisdom are beautifully uplifting and might just be life-changing for those who go on and live their advice. 

Kidman's advises women "to not let anyone break your spirit, to try to remove the self-doubt as early as you can, to support other women, to surround yourself with mentors, to seek out the smartest people in the room to be your mentors, to listen, to learn, to stay hungry, and to take every opportunity you can." 


"Believe that you can do it and not do it ever in an angry way. Don't be a woman trying to be a man in a man's world," Barrymore said. "Be a sister. Lift your fellow girls up. Be all about girl power and just believe in yourself." 

All in all, the women featured in the video hope that future generations of women will have self-confidence, empower other women, and work extremely hard to build the future they want. 

You can watch the whole video below:


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