12 Quotes To Convince You People Who Skateboard Are The Wisest

Tony Hawk, Ryan Sheckler and more.

For some, skateboarding is more than just a hobby, it's a way of life. Skateboarding can be an incredible experience, and there are even surprising health and social benefits.

But above all, skateboarding provides a tremendous amount of inspiration. Here are 12 quotes from skateboarders about why they love what they do and they are inspiring to everyone:


1. Skateboarding can be many things.

2. A true romantic.

3. OK, we cool.

4. YOLO.

5. This guy will be skateboarding forever.

6. This puts it all in perspective.

7. It's great to do what you love.

8. Physical pain doesn't even matter.

9. True for everything.

10. Good point.

11. This should be applied to everything.

12. Motivation at its best.


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