8 Powerful Quotes About Intention From Life Gurus

No. 3 is so important.

Every action brings a reaction. Just make sure it's the reaction you are looking for. You can have a full contact list of VIPs, a collection of degrees, and a disposable income to live out your wildest imaginations, but without a firm intention, you may never truly be on the right path. 

Much like a road trip, a "goal trip" requires direction (aka intention). You don't have to know all the steps to reach the end, because just knowing what the end is can make a difference in your decision making. The power of intention has been discussed for centuries and is still a huge topic being explored by some of the most influential thought leaders of today. 

Here are a few of our favorite quotes on intention from some life gurus we could all learn from. 


1. There is an infinite amount of choices to be made.


Before you set an intention for your life, it's important to understand that you have choices. Every action can and will lead to an outcome. Be mindful of making decisions that will lead to your goal. 

2. Focus on the "doing."


While it is important to have your end-goal in mind, you can not forget about the present moment. Focus on the now.

3. Take action to get what you want.


In his book Life, the Truth, and Being Free, Steve Maraboli speaks on the impact of doing. It's not enough to just dream; you have to put your vision into action. 

4. Don't let a fear of failure stand in your way.


Intention can't sustain on the belief that everything has to be going perfect. Even in dark times, you have to have faith in your dreams. In the face of potential failure, push forward anyway.

5. Take a new action if you're feeling stuck.


Actions speak louder than words and are more impacting than thoughts. Whether your goal is to start a business, get fit, or finish writing that book, the decision to make it happen doesn't become real unless some action is made toward the goal. 

6. Have confidence in your instincts.


Wherever there's a dream, there's a naysayer trying to shut it down. Don't let them.

7. Your potential is greater than the problem you face.


Perhaps the most important thing to remember when setting intention is that the possibilities are endless. Even when it seems like too many obstacles have gotten in the way, there is still a chance that things can change for the better. Intention built upon faith and awareness can navigate through any storm.

8. Intention determines outcome.


In a Super Soul Sunday conversation with author Gary Zukav about the power of intention, Oprah Winfrey reminds us that we always have the opportunity to recalibrate our direction. Setbacks and doubts can be temporary detours if we recognize our power to get ourselves back on track.

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