17 T-Shirts That Were So Hilariously Mistranslated That You Want One

Would you wear these shirts?

When you're dealing with foreign languages, there is sometimes no such thing as a perfect translation. That's why some translations into English can be kinda awkward and funny. And when you put those poorly translated words on clothing, you have hilarious fashion.

Here are 17 poorly translated T-shirts that are so random, you might wear one:


1. The one on the right would make a cold slogan.

2. One letter off.

3. Does this make any sense?

4. Dance squads would love this.

5. How did these get made?

6. Never stop studying ever.

7. Would you wear these two?

8. These might hurt your head.

9. Yes, pigs are full of many, many cats.

10. Be happiness indeed.

11. The one on the right is just naming food.

12. Even short phrases get ruined.

13. At least the color looks nice.

14. Three random words.

15. What?

16. What does this mean?

17. There's a clock over here.


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