Here Are A Bunch Of People Narrowly Escaping Death

The chances of some of these are just too much.

A bored schoolboy kicking rocks. An old woman trying to cross the street. A skateboarder who falls in the wrong direction.

These are the scenes of some of the most terrifying near misses on the Internet, and each one of them will take your breath away. Every second, close to two people die on our planet. But for each of those deaths there are also miraculous and inspiring strokes of luck that simply can't be explained. 


We were inspired by the GIF of this bored school boy:

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So we went out to see how many more moments happened like this.

As it turns out, there are a lot. In the video below, YouTube user Tim Weisberg pools together some of the most heart-stopping near misses ever caught on video. 

Check them out for yourself:


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