When You See This Guy's Animated Graffiti, You'll Never Look At Street Art The Same

Brain overload.

You know the saying, "If only these walls could talk," right? Well, from what you'll see here it looks like we're very close to making that happen.

Meet INSA, an anonymous fine artist and designer from London. Throughout his career, INSA has walked in many different shoes — sometimes quite literally, as he owns a fashion company called INSA HEELS.

However, the thing that really put him on the radar recently was an attempt to create the world's largest GIF-ITI: graffiti that can be seen from space.


This GIF-ITI took more than four days to complete and was then photographed by a satellite that's 431 miles away in space.

However, it wasn't INSA's only attempt at transforming the way we look at street art. And so the GIF-ITI series began ...

A GIF-ITI, or animated graffiti, is a series of murals where each one is slightly different from the previous one.

Thus, putting their photographs next to each other creates a loop animation and makes it seem like the graffiti is moving.

Don't say it isn't awesome.

Because it is. It's so awesome ... we think our brain had an overload!

But you know what's even better? You can watch these animated murals in real life, not just your laptop screen.

INSA and his developer team created an awesome app, something they call an "augmented reality platform," which allows users to witness INSA's hand-painted murals in reality.

All you need to do is launch INSA's GIF-ITI VIEWER app and align your smartphone camera with the wall on which the graffiti is painted. In seconds, the drawing will come to life.

Be sure to check out more of these mind-blowing creations on INSA's GIF-ITI Tumblr.


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