16 Funny Mailbox Designs That Will Make You Rethink How You Get Mail

You've got mail.

With all of today's technology, it's rare to get a piece of tangible mail that, you know, you can actually hold in your hands. But when that unicorn-of-a-letter does finally arrive, it's a lot like Christmas. 

A few people decided to make that celebration worthwhile by creating insane-looking receptacles for their mail. Because, why not?  


1. This dog won't bark at the mailman.

2. Hopefully this mailbox is not a litter box.

3. Don't you just want to give this one a hug?

4. This is a stickup! Give me all of your mail!

5. That old computer is finally useful again.

6. And now one for Mac users.

7. Open wide.

8. An adorable robot protecting mail.

9. This is the droid you were looking for.

10. To boldly go where no mailbox has gone before.

11. A mailbox that travels through time and space.

12. There's even a mailbox for "Futurama" fans.

13. Keeping your drinks and your mail cold.

14. Most mail is crap anyways.

15. Sticking your mail where the sun don't shine.

16. Another mailbox that is a pain in the...

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