Ingrid Michaelson Sings That Mother Earth Won't 'Be OK' If We Don't Act On Climate Change

Ingrid Michaelson joins Samantha Bee for a funny-yet-important song.

Last night's entire episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee was a bit of a departure from the usual discussions of President Donald Trump and was solely dedicated to discussing the effects of global warming. Joining the hostess with the mostest for an entertaining and informative musical interlude was Ingrid Michaelson as Mother Earth herself.


"Our descendants will look back on the summer of 2017 as the time we stopped ignoring that climate change was coming and started ignoring that it had arrived," Bee said, introducing Michaelson who turned "Be OK" into "(Earth is) Not OK." Bee's staff, by the way, perform as backup dancers holding up signs of natural disasters and their byproducts.

In the song, Michaelson sings about hurricanes getting worse (something happening day by day), Puerto Rico being washed away (and paper towels won't be much help to stop them), and droughts causing wildfires (destroying land and wine in its wake). The saddest part Mother Earth says, though, is that "it feels like you don't care 'bout me."

"Hate to say it but you broke me / What the hell I thought you were my friend / Is it just like you always dreamed? / One long summer that will never end," Michaelson sings, hitting home the severity of the issue and calling attention to our part in it all. "It's just going to get worse / What are you going to do? / It's just going to get worse / On your watch, I'm falling apart."

Mother Earth explains that we were given everything we needed — "food and drink and air and Beyoncé" — but we threw it away. Also, as the song goes, "good luck living on Mars someday."

As much as we — and even the Titanic cast — may joke about global warming, it's a serious issue that folks like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Neil deGrasse Tyson, climate change scientists, and even everyday father-son duos are trying to educate us all about. 

Watch the full performance here:


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