How Does The U.S. Stack Up Against The Rest Of The World In Regards To Reading Habits And Literacy?

Let's just say we aren't No. 1.

When it comes to reading habits and literacy, would you be surprised to learn that the U.S. isn't topping any lists? Well, that's exactly what was discovered in a recent study that might teach you a thing or two about how the world reads.

A data-packed infographic researched and created by Global English Editing looks at the ways in which people all around the world are reading by looking at various aspects of reading — such as how much, what, and where people are doing it — and presents it in a digestible format.

You might be surprised to see that the U.S. is only the seventh most literate country of 2016, losing out to six European countries with Finland topping the list. Where the U.S. really falls behind, though, is when looking at how many hours per week people read. With the global average being 6.5 hours per week, India tops the list at 10.7 hours per week with the U.S. falling behind the world at just 5.7 hours per week.

This, of course, is way behind the global average of hours per week spent watching TV — which comes in at a staggering world average of 16.6 hours per week. Time spent on the computer/internet as well as radio are pretty much half of that average, by comparison.

As for the 21 best-selling books worldwide, J.K. Rowling deserves a massive pat on the back because the entire Harry Potter series makes up eight slots on this list. But not even the lightning scar-marked wizard could best J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. As for the top book here, it's Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes that snags the top spot.

Basically, the bottom line here is that we should all be reading more.


We’re just scratching the surface at what you’ll learn from this infographic, so take a look for yourself:


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