Want To Know What Books Impacted Every Country In The World? This Map Has The Answers.

Start adding these books to your to-read list.

Figuring out what book represents every country in the world may be daunting, but one Reddit user is taking on that task one nation at a time.

A Redditor by the name of Backforward24 recently began this mapping project by taking a look at Goodreads, a book site where people can rate and review books, how well-known books are, and the critical acclaim attached to titles, according to the initial map shared online in March.

But after feedback from other Reddit users across the world, the second version highlights many of their suggestions. Notable works of literature representing each country include To Kill A Mockingbird for the United States, Don Quixote for Spain, and War and Peace for Russia.

Suggestions are still open to users in order to help create an accurate map. And according to the comments on this Reddit thread, Backforward24 is planning a third version that will explore each country's favorite book.


View the current map in its entirety here.

(H/T: Vice)


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