This Cool Futuristic Treadmill Is Omnidirectional

The future of exercising is fun.

Visitors at CES 2016, a major consumer technology expo held in Las Vegas last week, noticed a new type of workout machine that seemed like something from the future. On the surface, it looked like a normal treadmill with the man in a harness walking to the side.


But then he turned to the front and walked in that direction.

And then he turned to the other side and used the treadmill in that direction.

This product is the Infinadeck, which claims to be the world's first commercially available omnidirectional treadmill. Users can walk in any direction, as the treadmill detects which direction you are walking towards. A video decription says it "can turn VR gaming into a cardio workout."

The original Infinadeck was created by George Burger and debuted at the SVVR Expo in 2014. It weighed over 1,000 pounds and the functionality was slightly different.

A new version, which is still in development, was demonstrated at CES 2016. It weighs only 500 pounds, produces less noise and includes a harness for added support.

Watch the full video:


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