This Kid Passes A Note In Class, But What It Says Is Unexpected.. And Beautiful

"A letter does not blush." - Cicero

This unexpectedly beautiful commercial was produced by Canada's Indigo Love Of Reading Foundation, which seeks to make books available for high-need schools across Canada. 

According to their website, the foundation imagines "a future in which provincial governments step up and fund schools appropriately, giving every child across Canada equal opportunity to live up to their potential and fulfill their dreams." 

But until this future is realized, Love of Reading will be dedicated to supplying books to underfunded schools in Canada. They have already committed 12 million dollars to their cause. 

It's up to all of us to help children receive the best possible education. Reading is the cornerstone of intellectual growth, and the gateway to a lifelong love of learning. Please support literacy programs in your area.

For similar programs in the United States, please visit Reading Is Fundamental. For more on the Indigo project, check out their website.



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