Must See: Indiana State Troopers Perfectly Lip Dub 'Summer Nights' From 'Grease'

"We wanted to show people that we aren't robots."


A quartet of Indiana State troopers driving a golf cart on patrol on the last day of the Indiana State Fair is the latest in a series of viral lip dub videos to hit the internet.

According to FOX 59, Indiana State Police troopers Brent Lemberg, Jonathan Amburgey, Jonathan Cole, and Dustin Rutledge were on patrol and feeling a little bored when they decided to make a video to "Summer Nights" from the Grease soundtrack.

"The state fair is a time that we have the opportunity to interact with the public in a way that we normally don't get to," Amburgey told Fox 59. "We wanted to show people that we aren't robots. We have a personality, we like to laugh, and, most of all, we like to make other people laugh."

Amburgey posted the video, along with several others, to his Vimeo channel.

Nice work, guys.

(H/T: DowzerW)


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