Indians And Pakistanis Don't Hate Each Other And They're Doing This To Prove It


There's been turmoil between Pakistan and India for 50 years, but citizens from each country are participating in a social media movement to show solidarity. 

Here's the backstory: Pakistan and India have been at odds since the '40s over colonialism and land disputes. They've gone to war and each side has since loss of life over the years. And just recently, Pakistan's prime minister warned India that his country will go on the defensive if India continues to build up its arms. 

Ram Subramanian, an Indian citizen and director and founder of Handloom Picture Company, has had enough of the animosity. 

He changed his profile picture to an image of him holding up a message that read: 

"I am Indian.

I am from Mumbai.

I don't hate Pakistan. 

I am not alone. 

There are many people like me!"

He's asking others to do the same under one united hashtag: "#ProfileforPeace."


"This is the idea. Do join in if you believe in peace being the way forward. write this message on a post it note, take a selfie and make it your profile picture #ProfileForPeace," he wrote. "No more artists being banned. This is my voice. This is our voice for our Mumbai, our India. Enough of hate politics. #SpeakUp."

People caught on quickly.

In 24 hours time, people from both countries changed their profiles to reflect messages of peace.

Pakistanis and Indians alike particpated.

Subramanian's original post now has over 2,000 shares. 

He really isn't alone. 

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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