India Is Attacking Climate Change By Changing Their Streetlights

It sounds silly, but it just might work.

This week, India screwed in its 10 millionth eco-friendly LED streetlight, which country officials say is helping it reduce its carbon emissions.

The clever move to install energy-efficient streetlights across India is helping it save 6.71 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity or enough energy to power Delhi for more than two months. Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), who installs the LED streetlights for free, says it will reduce the country's carbon emissions by approximately five million tons. EESL is then paid a fraction of the savings by India's government.


"Energy efficiency and conservation are important pillars of India's efforts in moving towards a sustainable future," India's power minister said, according to Times of India. "These streetlights, covering 270,000 kilometers, not only illuminate the lives of the citizens and enable more savings but also empower people with safer mobility."

Shutterstock / milan noga

Along with saving India money on electricity, reducing carbon emissions and improving safety in the streets, EESL says the program has created 13,000 new jobs for people in India. The 10 million streetlights are in cities across the country and the program could become a blueprint for other nations to reduce carbon emissions and lower costs of electricity. 


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