This YouTube Social Experiment Proves That Sometimes Those Who Have The Least Who Give The Most


When someone in need asked you for help on the street, what would be your response? And if the situations were reversed, do you think they would respond similarly?


YouTube duo The Trouble Seeker Team put these questions to the test in a video titled, "This Will Change The Way You Think."

In the video, embedded below, they filmed a man approaching a number of people in an Indian mall, asking for some food. He says he's hungry, that he doesn't have any money. No one even looks him in the eye. It's only when the man approaches one last person, someone might some people might least expect, that he gets a bite to eat.

The duo makes hidden camera prank videos and comedy sketches in India. Their YouTube channel bio posits that laughter is the best medicine: "Please Share Our Videos With Your Friends and Family, Make Them Laugh, Make Them Healthy :D."

Their most popular videos by far, though, are in their "Make A Change—Social Experiments" category. Watch below.


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