14 Photos Of This Guy's Most Extreme Beard Makeovers

"A true beard is not on your face, but in your heart."

Isaiah Webb, better known as "Incredibeard" on the interwebs, once told Birchbox that he felt like his beard was his child - and after seeing just how dedicated he is to its care and keeping, that kind of starts to make sense.

Webb uses the Incredibeard Instagram account to chronicle his facial hair-heavy journey. It's chock-full of photos of his chin scruff shaped into new and ingenious styles. In one, his beard looks like a sea creature about to engulf his face. In another, it's fashioned into a bow tie.

"The greatest and most profound thing a man can do is grow a beard," Webb told Mashable, adding later, "A true beard is not on your face, but in your heart."


1. The Celestial Lotus Beard

2. The Octopus Beard

3. The Boss Beard

4. Beardi Longstocking

5. The Beardly Hallows

6. Bowl O' Beard Ramen

7. The Bearded Bow-Tie

8. The Bearducopia

9. The MJ Bowen 747 Beardcraft

10. The LUDA-chicks

11. The Beard Of Spades

12. The Beard Hearted

13. The Beard Predator

14. Beardception

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(H/T: Bored Panda)


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