In Wake Of Family Separation Crisis, Holocaust Survivors Call For A Return To American Values

"Let’s get back to our values because this is not what America stands for."

A video released by the Anti-Defamation League features two Holocaust survivors speaking out about the recent practice of separating children who are undocumented immigrants from their parents because of President Donald Trump's zero-tolerance policy. Trump has since signed an executive order in an effort to keep families together while they are prosecuted, which might itself violate a rule against keeping children in immigration detention for more than 20 days.

Rachelle and Jack Goldstein were separated from their families during the Holocaust, and in the video they urge the U.S. to head down a different path. 


Rachelle Goldstein was just a toddler when she was separated from her parents in Belgium. She now serves as the co-director of the Hidden Child Foundation, which represents Holocaust survivors who went into hiding during the war. 

The Hidden Child Foundation released a statement to  HuffPost that reads: 

"Now in our late 70s and 80s, we still ache from the losses we suffered as a result of this separation. It is very difficult for us to see such inhumanity taking place today at our southern border. Let's be clear: We are not comparing what is happening today to the Holocaust. But forcibly separating children from their parents is an act of cruelty under all circumstances." 

"I have a lot of faith in this country ...and it is a wonderful country," Jack Goldstein says in the video. "But right now it is not. Let's get back to our values because this is not what America stands for." 


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