This Country Is The Most Dangerous Place To Be A Civilian

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With the number of dead quickly approaching 200,000, Syria is now the most dangerous place in the world

Over the last few months, the shelling of schools and hospitals in Syria has not relented. This heartbreaking trend, which has left families decimated and children without an education or peace of mind, must stop.

In an effort to be that change, The Syria Campaign has started releasing videos to grab the attention of the world. Recently, they uploaded the video above, which depicts the bombing of a schoolyard happening in reverse. It is a breathtaking film that would make any human shudder. 

"While the world's attention, headlines and political action are focused elsewhere, Syria remains one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a civilian," the homepage of their website says. "Improvised weapons – like barrels full of explosives or mortars made from gas cylinders – cannot be targeted, and so make no distinction between civilians and fighters."

This past February, the UN took action to stop the Syrian government from joining the several groups who bomb residential areas in Syria. Instead of helping, the result has been devastating: the rate of bombings has doubled with an average of 18 civilians dying a day.

Fortunately, you can help make a difference. Go to and sign the petition, and share this article to help spread awareness. 


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