8 Of Our Favorite Kisses In Pop Culture In Honor Of National Kissing Day

Who have you smooched today?

Kissing has been popular since time immemorial, so it's really only appropriate that there would be an entire day dedicated to it. June 19 marks National Kissing Day and many people on social media used the unofficial holiday to celebrate their significant other — or lament their lack of. In honor of #NationalKissingDay, we compiled our favorite kisses in pop culture

But first, we would have to thank our friends across the Atlantic Ocean for this holiday. Though it initially started in the UK, many other countries now celebrate National Kissing Day. And why not? Kissing is fun and evidently it's a big deal. The number of times celebrities made headlines for locking lips is enough to prove that. MTV even has a Best Kiss category for its annual movie awards show. 

What's in a kiss? When was kissing invented? Though we may never get a straight answer to any of these questions, kissing is one of those acts of love — or friendship or lust — that most everyone has experienced. All that fun stuff about locking lips aside, studies have shown that kissing has a whole host of benefits that you probably didn't even know — including relieving stress and headaches, burning calories, boosting self-esteem, fighting cavities and, of course, making you happier.

So, to properly celebrate kissing today, we present our eight favorite kisses in pop culture.


That breathless 'Titanic' kiss at the bow of the ship.

The classic upside-down kiss that Spider-Man shares with Mary Jane Watson.

Remember when Madonna locked lips with Britney and Christina on stage?

This 'Cruel Intentions' scene where Sarah Michelle Gellar's character teaches Selma Blair's how to kiss.

'The Notebook' was one of those movies that was a never-ending sob fest. And this kiss — in the rain, no less — was one of its highlights.

Then, when 'The Notebook' stars Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards, this happened.

Whether you love or hate 'Twilight,' Edward and Bella's tense kissing scene was the epitome of on-screen chemistry.

Then there's the spaghetti kiss in 'The Lady and the Tramp,' which epitomized young love in all its wide-eyed innocence.

What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments and share this with your friends!


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