Parents Celebrate Their Kids Going Back To School With A Hilarious Parody Of 'In Da Club'

"We're going to party like it's ya first day."

The majority of kids dread the end of summer, but parents, who are likely looking forward to not having to man their kids 24/7, often have a different outlook.  Some moms and dads are even coming up with creative ways to celebrate back-to-school season on social media, and showing just how much they'll be enjoying the peace and quiet.  

Parents Penn and Kim Holderness celebrated their kids going back to school by parodying 50 Cent's "In Da Club" song, calling their version "In Da Tub."


The video begins with the parents dropping off their kids, Charles Penn and Lola, at school and saying they'll miss them. Then Penn begins to sing, "Go shawty / It's ya first day / We're gonna party like it's ya first day / We're gonna sip Bacardi like its ya first day / And you know she gonna do her thing because it's your first day."

The video then shows Kim "in da tub" with her Bacardi and bubbles, celebrating the fact that she can enjoy having the house to herself before she has to pick up the kids.

"You can find her on the throne / happy and alone / because no one's banging on the door asking to use her phone."

The twist comes at the end of the video when the kids reveal that they're looking forward to going back to school.

Ten-year-old Lola says, "We actually do want to go back to school because our parents are kind of crazy." Her 7-year-old brother interjects that he does not want to go back to school and wishes summer would keep going.

(H/T: HuffPost)


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