Can You Guess How These Tattoo Fails Will Be Fixed?

There's still hope.

Tattoos are a serious commitment, and sometimes it's a commitment people don't think through very well. Tattoo removal can be pretty expensive, but if you're creative enough, you can keep your regrettable choice and evolve it into something pretty neat. These people got super creative with their tattoos and refused to let silly mistakes hold them back.


1. This will definitely last.

They don't call him the savior for nothing.

2. When your tattoo artist loses a contact, but thinks it's all good.

Snow worries, guys.

3. Don't let anything douse your hitchhiking dreams.

4. From half-a**ed Pikachu tat... Pikachu drunk art class.

5. Those teeth will haunt us.

Amazing recovery.

6. Ouch.

7. Watch those h's guys.

Celebrate those mistakes.

8. He even shaved for her.


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