The 13 Weirdest, Most Impressive Things People Have Ever Crowdfunded

Get that $$.

Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular way for people to get projects off the ground. Plenty of films and small businesses have done it to get that extra push, and a lot of people have used it to reach smaller, more... uh... creative goals. Here are some of the more fanciful crowdfunding projects people have managed to convince people to donate to. A lot of these have generated huge sums of money, which gives us hope for all our crazy dreams.


1. A café that only serves cereal.

While their Indiegogo page says they only received 2% of the funds they were seeking, Cereal Killer Cafe opened in London.

2. A cat calendar.

World's Most Super Amazing Awesome Cat Calendar raised over $25,000, and we're really not that surprised. The calendar features cats wearing different outfits and posed in front of rainbows, so we imagine this wasn't only the producers' dreams come true.

3. One Direction.

To be clear, the genius behind this wasn't trying to raise money for tickets. She wanted to buy the band. 

A 16-year-old from New York felt the band's management was failing them, especially after Zayn Malik left. A Twitter movement grew to free One Direction and get them better management and lure Zayn back home. She raised $1,562 of the necessary $500 million, but we've still got hope Zayn will come back.

4. A really expensive Uber ride.

A 26-year-old woman raised almost $600 after crowdfunding a 20-minute Halloween Uber ride that ended up costing $362. She said she fell asleep in the cab and didn't realize it would cost the price would be that inflated due to surge charges that night. She claimed she could no longer afford to pay her $450 rent because of the cab ride.

5. This hipster's dates.

This was actually a PR stunt, but the reactions were still predictably strong.

The British bartender and poet managed to wrangle $350 to fund his dating life, sadly only 17 percent of his goal.

6. A giant water slide.

This dream came came true in Bristol, U.K., where artist raised nearly $9,000 to build a 300-foot water slide in the middle of the city last year.

7. A Ron Paul video game.

Named for his 2008 book, Ron Paul: Road to REVOLution is modeled after old-school video games and managed to raise $11,000.

8. Chicken nuggets.

An Alabama man really wanted some McNuggets, so he turned to the internet for help. He raised 150 percent of his goal of $10, likely due to the fact that his compelling GoFundMe page featured Shakespeare quotes and terrible chicken puns.

9. Meat soap.

The producers of meat-scented soap wanted to "change your mind about what 'clean' means" and raised nearly $2,000 in the process.

10. A chicken burrito.

Like the mind behind the McNuggets, this guy just really wanted a burrito. The internet responded 130-fold, and he earned $1,050 to finally be able to afford the guac.

11. Midlife crisis squirrel tattoo.

The crisee behind this one said he had two bucket list goals: to fund an online project, and to get a tattoo. They raised $615 to accomplish both here.

12. Grizzly bear coats.

A couple guys wanted a realistic-looking grizzly bear coat without harming any actual bears. They managed to find synthetic bear craftsmen who could also create a realistic face, and they wanted to share their bear coat lifestyle with the rest of the world. The raised nearly $30,000.

13. Cat ear headphones.

The ears function as speakers. The campaign raised over $3,400.


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