Celebs Reveal The Unspoken Truth That Every Conversation About Immigrants Is Missing

Let's get real.

June is Immigrant Heritage Month — an opportunity to commemorate America's rich immigrant history. Except for those who are Native American, everyone is either an immigrant (13.3 percent of the U.S. population) or a descendant of an immigrant, as Welcome.us reminds us in its current campaign.

The nonprofit organization embraces America's incredible diversity by sharing the stories of immigrants and thus the story of the American dream. This year, Welcome.us launched the #IAmAnImmigrant campaign to celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month.

More than 50 celebrities joined the #IAmAnImmigrant campaign for a photoshoot with Emmy Award-winning director Cary Fukunaga.

"I am very proud to be part of this campaign," Fukunaga told Fusion. "I wanted these portraits to reflect the strength of what it means to be an immigrant, and to capture and celebrate that courage."

Celebrities including Rosario Dawson, Lupita Nyong'o, Alan Cumming, and Wilmer Valderrama also participated in the campaign's video to honor the great contributions of immigrants.

"I don't know of anybody that didn't come over here from somewhere at some point,"  said actor Bobby Cannavale in the video. 

By extension, Dawson adds, everyone is an immigrant. And we're the better for it.


In the video, Valderrama encouraged viewers to speak out about personal experiences with immigration, and Welcome.us is also asking everyone to join their campaign in solidarity by sharing their stories on social media with the hashtag #IAmAnImmigrant. 

"Every time we get a chance to say out loud that we are an immigrant — I think it's important that we embrace that opportunity," Valderrama said.


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