These Graduates Are Using The Hashtag #Immigrad To Celebrate Their Hard Work And Heritage

"Dreams without borders."

It's graduation season, and students around the country are claiming their diplomas and celebrating their hard work. For immigrants and the children of immigrants, the achievement of graduating college can be especially meaningful. 

Many of these graduates are sharing their stories and thanking their families on social media using the hashtag #Immigrad. The movement was started through a partnership between the organizations Define American and Undocumedia

"Graduation is an important day for everyone, but for many children of immigrants, it is the very reason they are in this country," it says on Define American's website. "We want to celebrate all immigrant graduates and their families and recognize them for achieving this milestone."


Graduates from various backgrounds answered the call and posted their graduation photos using the hashtag. Many shared pictures of their graduation caps, which were beautifully decorated with empowering messages, such as the one above, which reads, "My parents crossed the border so I could cross this stage!" Another simply reads, "Dreams without borders."

Some posted photos with their parents, thanking them for their sacrifices and support. Some moved to the United States as children, without knowing English. Some are undocumented. Some have plans to attend graduate school. Captions of varying lengths contain their unique stories, but the theme that connects all of them is pride. 

Research has found that in 2014, 29 percent of adult immigrants had a college degree. The number has only gotten bigger over the decades, increasing at twice the rate of U.S.-born adults. Considering the current political climate, and the hostility that so many face each day, the #Immigrad hashtag is a welcome collection of positivity for the immigrant experience.

Check out several inspiring examples below, and see more on Instagram and Twitter:


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