Awesome Guy Makes Stunning Ruby And Silver Ring For His Girlfriend ... Out Of Clay

The bar is raised once again.


Imgur user ItIsNotKnown just raised the bar when it comes to birthday presents for significant others. 

He made a beautiful silver and ruby ring for his girlfriend out of precious metal clay, which, according to his follow-up comments, he purchased on Amazon. 

Did we mention the box is also refurbished?

The amateur jeweler described precious metal clay as "a clay of microscopic particles of silver held together in an organic binder. When the desired shape is acquired it can be burned at a high temperature to remove the binder and fuse the silver together. The result is 99.9 percent fine silver!"

Despite the challenges presented by working with the clay, the final result is absolutely stunning. More so than that, however, is the fact that his girlfriend — whom he notes doesn't own a single ring — will have a gift on her birthday that is truly a labor of love.

Take a look at how he made it all happen.

Here's the clay in its raw form.

Got the shape down ... but hasn't set the stone.

The clay dries quickly and easily falls apart.

Another early success.

Finally figured out how to mount the stone.

That's a piece of chalk in the middle to help the ring maintain size and shape as he fires it.

At this point even mistakes that look catastrophic can be repaired with relative ease.

Fired and ready for polishing and touch-ups.

Time to work on the box.

His girlfriend loves the color green, so ...

Time for some touch-ups.

Just needs to be polished now.


Ready for a very lucky woman.

We think she's going to love it. Would you rather have a store-bought ring or one made for you by someone you love? Let us know in the comments below.


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